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Activity on the Mainstream Airways about the ACE Study

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Written by Martha
Published on 10/10/2012

You may have seen and heard that there has been quite a lot of activity on the mainstream “airways” about the ACE Study.  On Sunday, September 14th, on NPR’s This American Life, "Back to School" segment, Ira Glass interviewed Paul Tough and Nadine Burke Harris, an ISF National Advisor and a nationally recognized pediatrician.  Dr. Harris’ main focus is supporting parents and children exposed to multiple forms of early adversity.  Then last week, David Brooks of the New York Times, wrote about the ACE study in “The Psych Approach,” and he cites Paul Tough’s book “How Children Succeed” to discuss the “psychologizing of domestic policy.”

It seems like we have reached a “Tipping Point” about the ACE study, and we do believe, the more information that gets out to the public, the better.  However, we also think that David Brooks is missing part of the story.  As Jane Stevens from put it:  “It’s safe to say that without the same intensity of intervention that’s recommended for their children, many parents just can’t be that logical.  If their own traumatic experiences prevent them from being interested in or even capable of being healthy parents, not only do they need help with their own past, but they need to be taught the skills of being a healthy parent.”