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Emily Wilson, MS, MPH, CHES, Stoneleigh Foundation Emerging Leader Fellow

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Written by Emily
Published on 10/10/2012

Whether you are a professional in the field, a community advocate, a family member seeking more resources, or a student doing research, we hope that this part or our site will be helpful to you in your search.  Our two main purposes in creating this blog are to:

  1. Promote further thought and discourse around the most cutting edge news, activities, and coverage of the issues we care about at ISF; and,
  2. Make this an interactive space for discussion and recommendations from readers like you!  So, we’ll need your feedback as fuel in order to best run this engine!

My name is Emily Wilson and I am a Stoneleigh Foundation Emerging Leader Fellow at ISF, where I am honored to have the opportunity to investigate and report on the latest research, advocacy, and practice in pediatric settings that provides linkages between early childhood development and lifelong health outcomes.  

I will be your guide on What’s Happening Now and encourage you to connect with us and pass along your questions, thoughts, and recommendations directly to me on the blog or offline at

Also, staying safe is our main concern for all of the folks that we work with at ISF, including those in this blog space.  If you or a family member needs help, we hope that you will visit our Resources page where you can find contact information for many different local and national organizations.

Here at ISF, our leadership is dedicated to lifting up comprehensive public health approaches that address toxic stress and trauma in early childhood and to promoting strategies for resilience beyond these events.  We know from the findings of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study that early trauma among children is all too common in the United States.  In addition, these types of approaches are our best known defense in order to help inoculate children from further harm and retraumatization, and to better protect individuals and families from a lifetime of poorer health outcomes.

As a result, ISF is currently engaged in Philadelphia via our partnerships, programs, research, and community advocacy as a trauma and ACE-informed regional think tank. Our blog will often focus on the ACE Study, the application of its findings in public health and human service interventions, and updates from the ACE community.

It is our hope that you will join us regularly and share your thoughts, suggestions, and information about your own efforts, so that may learn from you.  Visit us again soon as we dive deeper into some of the topics mentioned above for further fruitful discussion!