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Programming from the Institute for Safe Families now resides at the Health Federation of Philadelphia.
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List of Resources

List of Resources

Here are resources on prevention of interpersonal violence and on addressing its consequences. For over two decades, ISF developed, piloted, and disseminated successful programs that address child abuse and family violence, as a leader in the Philadelphia community and across the country in the area of prevention of interpersonal violence and its consequences for children.


Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University

Child Witness to Violence Project

Futures Without Violence

National Domestic Violence Hotline
TTY 800.787.3224

National Sexual Assault Hotline

National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
TTY 866.331.8453

The Sanctuary Model

Zero to Three
National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families


To report Child Abuse: Pennsylvania CHILDLINE
To report Child Abuse: Philadelphia DHS Child Abuse Hotline


Childhelp (hotline, counseling, resources)
If you are worried you might hurt your child

Elder Abuse Hotline
Philadelphia Corporation for Aging
215.765.9040 24-Hour Helpline

Menergy - For people who have been abusive to their intimate partners
215.242.2235 English
267.625.6135 Spanish

Men's Resource Center -- Helping men end domestic and sexual violence

Philadelphia Domestic Violence Hotline

Children's Crisis Treatment Center

Congreso de Latinos Unidos – Latina Domestic Violence Program

Lutheran Settlement House Bi-Lingual Domestic Violence Program

Women Against Abuse

Women In Transition

Women Against Abuse Legal Center

Women Organized Against Rape
215.985.3333 24-hour hotline

Are You Concerned?

Does your partner scare, criticize, or blame you? Does your partner tell you what to do and who to see? Has your partner ever hurt or threatened you, or pressured you to have sex? You are not alone. If you are being hurt by your partner, it is NOT your fault. You deserve to be safe and healthy.

Abuse happens in every culture, every country, every age group, and it may be happening to you. No one deserves to be abused or threatened. You cannot stop your partner's abuse, but you can find help and support for yourself.

What You Can Do

Call the police if you are in danger and seek medical attention if you are hurt. Talk with somebody you trust such as a friend or relative, someone from your
job or house of worship, or your health care provider.

Develop a safety plan with your children, including people they can call in an emergency.

Put together an "emergency kit" for a situation where you have to leave suddenly (keys, money, legal and important documents, medicines, etc.). Remember that you are the expert about your own life. Don't let anyone talk you into doing something that's not right for you.