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Partnering With Parents to Prevent ACEs

It can be a vicious cycle, but it doesn’t have to be. First, parents who have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) as they were growing up are more likely to have difficulties that become the next generation of ACEs for their children. These intergenerational ACEs include depression, suicide risk, alcohol and drug abuse, substance abuse problems, and relationship problems. While many parents do not repeat the violence that they experienced and/or were exposed to as children, the mental health consequences and unhealthy coping behaviors associated with childhood victimization can compromise parenting skills and create adversity for their children. The best parenting...

Upterrlainarluta: Always Getting Ready

Upterrlainarluta describes the story of people subsisting on the frozen tundra of western Alaska.  The translation of this impressively long, Yup’ik Eskimo word is always getting ready. To live in this land of extremes and acclimate to all the changes that have come to the Arctic, there is a tradition of always getting ready for the next season and whatever lies ahead.   The survival of Yup’ik people and their culture depend on always being ready. Public health and health care systems must always be getting ready too.  We need to be poised to face the next epidemic, address emerging challenges, identify opportunities for early intervention and, ideally, move towards primary prevention.  ...