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Programming from the Institute for Safe Families now resides at the Health Federation of Philadelphia.
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Support ISF

ISF is changing! As Executive Director, Martha Davis moves to work at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we are moving the work of ISF to three other great organizations. Please support these programs at their new homes: Health Federation, Children's Crisis Treatment Center, and Lutheran Settlement House. For more details, read below:

Dear Friend of ISF,  

It is with excitement, gratitude and anticipation that we are writing to let you know of several significant developments in the advancement of ISF and its work.   

After 23 years, Martha will be leaving the Institute For Safe Families to take a position with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) as a Senior Program Officer, beginning February 3, 2014.  She will join the Vulnerable Populations Team, focused on helping RWJF accomplish its mission to improve health and health care for all Americans.  We are confident that ISF's good work will live on in strategic ways when Martha joins the Foundation.  The expertise, experience and energy that she gained through our collaborations, both formal and informal, will allow her to continue to expand these efforts as she moves to a new, national platform.  

In keeping with ISF's strategy to build lasting alliances that help strengthen our efforts, we are also excited to announce additional key partnerships within established, respected and robust organizations that will safely harbor and reliably sustain ISF programs:

  • The Children's Crisis Treatment Center, a long time ISF partner and one of the foremost Philadelphia leaders in care for children and families, will provide leadership for ISF's Family Safe Zone program, located at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. CCTC will also maintain a page on their website to produce and distribute ISF materials.
  • Lutheran Settlement House (LSH), the preeminent Philadelphia-based organization for Family Violence Medical Advocacy programs, will be the lead agency for the Children and Mom Projects (CAMP), currently located at CHOP, Einstein, and St. Chris.  Additionally, LSH will take over ISF's MenCan Campaign, an effort focused on engaging men in helping to end family violence.
  • The Health Federation of Philadelphia, a long and valued ISF partner who helped us establish the Philadelphia Family Violence Working Group in 1994, will, along with the current leaders, shepherd the Philadelphia ACE Task Force and the Urban ACE Survey Project.  ISF is also thrilled to announce that Carolyn Smith-Brown, (, ISF's Director of Operations, will relocate to Health Federation. There, she will manage ISF's transition and help to build new work that will emerge from this important partnership.  Health Federation's Multiplying Connections program will also host a webpage to produce and distribute the ISF materials that have met a crucial need for families and organizations, small and large. 

In the twenty-three years since ISF was "born," individuals, organizations and funders have made significant investments that grew into programs, partnerships, policies and hope for a safer and healthier community.  We are proud and excited to transition this work and whole-heartedly support the vision of what it will become within this new structure. These partnerships honor the history of ISF and the vitality and importance of our relationships in the community.  We could not be more pleased with the outcome.   

Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank, a German-born Jewish girl from the city of Frankfurt, wrote in her diary while in hiding with her family during the German occupation of the Netherlands in World War II:  "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."  

Thanks to all of you for everything you have done to help ISF "improve the world"; together, we have engaged in the work of healing by creating safer homes, families and communities. Your commitment, inspiration, dedication and collaboration have helped to grow and sustain ISF.  The bonds we have forged will live on in significant and lasting ways.  

During this season of giving, we encourage you to donate to our organizational partners named above.  And, please keep checking ISF's website for additional updates.   In the meantime, we wish you joyful holidays and extend our deepest gratitude to you for all that ISF has been able to achieve during these past 23 years.


Martha Davis
Executive Director  
Sandy Dempsey
Senior Advisor  
Joel Fein
Chair of the Board of Directors 

P.S. Please enjoy our Time Capsule that outlines the history and accomplishments of this "small but mighty" organization.