4 Useful Tips for Certificate Printing

by Ginger Chambers
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Certificates need to be designed and printed in the best way possible. It might be just a piece of paper, but it is meaningful and important. A certificate is given to award people of their achievement, so it needs to be able to appreciate and honor the efforts that they have done. 

Custom certificate printing service can now be found anywhere in Singapore. One of the places you can go to for this is Kiasu Rubber Stamp, where you will be offered different materials for printing as well as other finishes and decorations, also embellishments necessary to make an outstanding looking certificate. 

If you are planning to print certificates, here are several useful tips to make it look impeccable. 

1. Embossing and Debossing 

Definitely consider this type of finish for certificate printing. Embossing and debossing are simple finishes that are able to give off the elegant impression on a certificate. It offers a different feel upon touch and it definitely looks unique and attractive as well. This simple addition to the decoration of your certificate can truly boost its look. Of course, you should never overdo the usage of embossing and debossing. 

2. Metallic Foil Stamp 

Need more shine? Go for metallic foil stamping. It is one of the most popular if not a must for certificate printing. Highlight certain parts on your certificate with foil stamping to add the necessary shine to make it look expensive and outstanding. 

Foil stamping gives a more pronounced sheen compared to metallic ink that makes it glimmer even from a distance. You can’t miss out on this one because it truly upgrades the look of your certificate. 

3. Metallic Ink 

Metallic ink is not much different from the foil stamping in terms of results. However, the metallic ink does not give much of a luster compared to foil stamping. Still, it gets you the appearance that you want and the look resulted by metallic ink printing definitely creates an expensive and proper impression. Also, cost wise, the metallic ink is cheaper than the foil stamping method.  

4. Paper 

Definitely don’t skimp on the paper. Because a certificate needs to look expensive and proper, of course, you need to go for premium paper with high durability. Of course, it costs higher than the regular paper, but it is very important that you use one of the premium papers that are proper for certificate printing. These papers are usually thicker, some are textured, and it definitely can give a highly positive impression on the receiver of the award. 

In Kiasu Print, you can choose from a wide variety of different types of paper stock with different weights which affect the thickness of the paper. Choose well depending on the kind of aesthetic that you are aiming to get and of course definitely take the budget that you have into account as well. If you need other embellishments such as a custom wax seal, you can also make the order in the same printing service as it is one of the most popular embellishments for certificates.

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