5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having A Self Inking Stamp

by Tom Ward
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You may find rubber stamps familiar as many people, companies, or organizations use them for their business. Today, the rubber stamp is not only available for one type or the traditional one. Rubber stamp evolves and generates other types of stamps such as self-inking rubber stamp. Do you know about that? A self-inking stamp is one of the most popular rubber stamps that perfect for stamping in large numbers. So, if you need a rubber stamp, you should consider having this type. If you need more motivation and reasons why you should have it, here are some details! 

1. A Self-Inking Stamp Can Be Used for Various Purpose 

Although a self-inking stamp is a newer version of rubber stamps, it is not only used for a specific purpose. From company stamp to passed stamp, the stamp can be created for many things and purposes! Because of that, it uses by individuals, companies, or even organizations. Especially for companies and organizations, they usually choose this stamp to make their official company or organization stamp. That is why the self-ink stamp is one of the must-have items for them! 

2. Printed Documents Will Last Forever 

We know that now we are all entering the digital era. Everything is influenced by technology, including when it comes to stamp documents. Have you seen a digital stamp before? People usually use it as a validation sign on digital documents. But even though people change most of their documents to digital form, printed documents will last forever. For some documents, digital documents and stamps are not sufficient. So, the documents must be printed first, after that a manual stamp and signature will be affixed to the documents. That is why the self-inking stamp is still relevant today. 

3. Simple and fast! 

We could say that almost everyone knows how to use the stamp. It is super easy! Unlike the digital stamp that can be placed by those who can operate a computer, a manual self-ink stamp doesn’t require you to be able to use the computer. One more thing, since the stamp is easy to use, you will only need a little time to apply the stamp to the documents. 

4. A Self-Inking Stamp Is Durable and Affordable! 

Do you know how many times a self-ink stamp can produce an impression? It can make up to 1000 crisp bold impressions! Once the ink runs out, it can be refilled using water-based inks. After all of the things mentioned, you don’t need to worry about the price since the self-ink stamp comes at a very affordable price! But how about the ink? Maybe you will be surprised because it can be much cheaper than the price of a stamp! 

5. Easy to Find! 

You will not be making a self-inking stamp by yourself unless you have particular skills and tools for manufacturing it. Most people will find a rubber stamp maker for producing their self-inking stamp. Today, it is not difficult to find self inking stamp makers both on the internet or around. Because of that, the fourth point why a business should have its self-inking stamp because the stamp makers are easy to find.

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