5 Tips and Information That Can Help You in Designing Your Own Wedding Invitation Card!

by Zach Hopkins
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A wedding invitation card is a must-have item when you decide to celebrate your wedding. Sending invitation cards is the way to let people know that they are formally invited to your wedding. That’s why even though you can simply call your family and friends to attend your wedding, it feels like something is missing without sending them invitation cards. The process of preparing invitations is quite simple but needs more details. Start from creating a guest list, designing an invitation, and ordering it. For the design, you can decide whether you will do it by yourself or ask the designer. But for those who want to become a designer for their own invitation, here are some tips and information that you might need! 

1. Stimulate Your Creativity by Looking for References 

If you have no idea about what do you want to do with your design, stay calm, and don’t panic! You can start by looking for some references on the internet! Perhaps, lots of beautiful and eye-pleasing invitation card designs can help arouse your creativity and imagination in designing your wedding invitation.  

2. Apply Your Wedding Theme to The Invitation Design  

Want to make the recipient guess what your wedding will look like? Try to apply your wedding theme to your invitation design. That will make people who receive it more enthusiastic and excited to attend your wedding.  

3. Avoid Font Types and Sizes That Are Difficult to Read 

Make sure that you only choose a font type that is easy for everyone to read. But the right font type is not enough without the perfect font size. People may get confused or misread information if you don’t set it up with the right font type and size. 

4. Application 

For those with a background or experience in designing, you may know some design applications and how they work. But for some people who need more information about the apps that can be used to design invitations, professionals usually use Adobe and Corel. If you need something simpler, then you can try to use some online design platforms.  

5. Invitation Template 

Want something easier or simpler? Open your browser and write “invitation templates” on it, then get ready to find hundreds of invitation templates on the internet. From free to premium templates, everything can be found there. By using a template, you don’t need to create a design from a blank area because you only need to change the name, date, place, or other information on it. But if you want to apply your wedding theme to the invitation design, perhaps the template is not the right decision. You will find it quite difficult to get the template that matches your wedding theme. 


After the design is completed, then it must be executed into the printed invitation card. You have two choices, print it at home or go to a printing service. But it would be better for you to print your invitation design to the wedding invitation card printing service since they can produce sharp and high-quality printing compared to doing it at home. Don’t worry about the price because you can select the materials and size that matches your budget. 

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