Follow These 6 Tips for Making a Good Packaging Sticker

by Ginger Chambers
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Do you know that stickers can be used on the packaging of a product? It is used on a package for several reasons. You can use it for promoting your brand by putting your logo on the sticker, or maybe you can use it for adding decoration element on the package. If you are interested in making a packaging sticker, please follow these 6 tips to make a good packaging sticker. Here are the tips!

1. Avoid Using the Same Tone of Color for the Font and Background.

If you put some text such as for a business name on your sticker, please make sure that you set the font and background with a different color. It will be better if you choose different contrast colors for the text and background. It will make people easier to read the text on your sticker. But, it will be different if you set the font and the background with the same tone color. It will make the audience take more effort to read it or even guessing the text that they read.

2. Esthetic Font Type Is Great, But Please Don’t Be Too Much!

You are free to use any type of font for designing your sticker. You can choose the regular font type or even the most esthetic one. But remember, you need to ensure that the font type is easy to read by people. Sometimes, the most esthetic font type hard to read and recognize.

3. Design the Sticker As Good As You Can

You absolutely should make the design of your sticker as good as you can. You can make a design that represents your business, or anything. But, as you wanna make it for packaging sticker, maybe you can put your logo on your design sticker. You can design it with design apps such as Corel or Adobe. But, you can also find another website for designing your sticker.

4. You Are Allowed to Put Your Business Information

You can put your business information such as website, email, address, or other information that helps your consumer easier to reach you on the sticker. But, since the space is limited, you can’t put all of the information. You can choose the media that is most frequently used by your business. The last, you should ensure if the information is right.

5. You Should Know the Type of Sticker That You Wanna Make

If you think that sticker only has one type, you must think twice since now. There is a variety of stickers you can use. From the transparent sticker, UV sticker, and more. But, people tend to use the Mirrorkote sticker for packaging purpose.

6. A Good Quality of Printing Is Crucial

Quality of printing is one of the things that should be your prioritize for making a sticker. It will affect to your sticker’s look. That’s why you should consider going for an experience sticker printing service to help you get good quality for your sticker!

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