How To Make an Eye-Catching Pull Up Banner for Your Product

by Tom Ward
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You must be familiar with what a pull up banner is. Maybe you see it every day or every time you go to the shopping centre. It can be found almost anywhere you go because they can be made easily. With a relatively affordable price and a short manufacturing process, it are a worth-it tool to promote your products or services. To create a pull up banner, you should avoid making a banner without any preparation. If it is made without good preparation like the right concept, then the banner you make will be useless. Then how to make the right banner and attract the attention of consumers?  

1. Know Your Products Better 

Knowing your products and services well will help you to structure a piece of good product information. You will have an idea of ​​how your product will be seen from the perspective of a consumer. Therefore, it is important to review the product specifications or features, and the advantages that your product offers. This will help you to better identify your competitive advantage. 


2. Make It Stands Out 

Once you know what information you have about your product, then you ‘translate’ it into a design. Including the use of colour, placement of sentences, the use of typography, and others. After that, you place it in a strategic location so that the pull up banner stands out. 


3. Colour Matters 

Using the right colour scheme will make it easier for your banner to pop out even more. Anyone who has worked in graphic design and marketing will understand how colour choices affect their message. According to studies, people make assumptions or opinions about people and products within 90 seconds. The percentage of them that judge ranges from 60 to 90 percent, judge based on colour. Although we know that everyone has their own colour preference, often culturally we will associate the colour green with something related to money or the environment. It’s no different when you apply colour to a banner. It is important to consider the colour composition. Make sure when you design, you set the K value to 100 with CMYK mode. 


4. Relevant, High-Quality, and High-Definition Images  

The use of images or designs that are relevant and support your product or service is very important. Along with the use of high-resolution images that make your banner more appealing and presentable. If you are creating a graphic for your banner, be sure to save it as a vector file. This will ensure you don’t lose clarity when you zoom in on the image. The best clarity you get is when you save it at least 100 and 200 dots per inch (DPI). In addition, these specifications will make it easier for your banner to be read from a certain distance which is relatively far away. 


Pretty simple, isn’t it? It is crucial to create a banner that not only fits the product but also attracts attention. Now it’s your turn to make a banner, good luck! 

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