Read These 7 Frequently Asked Question Before Using Common Seal!

by Zach Hopkins
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For some people, the common seal is not a familiar thing. That’s because they may find it rare to see it affixed on certain documents. But why it is rarely used? And why is it needed to be used? If there are lots of questions that come to your mind, then now it’s time for you to know more about the common seal. So, let’s dive into the details by reading the frequently asked question and answer about the common seal! So, here is it!

1. What Is a Common Seal?

The common seal is a symbol that represents the official approval from a company or organization. But remember, it cannot be used for all types of business documents. Only the most vital documents that can be signed by using it. What kind of documents? These can be international business documents, high-level deeds, real estate transfer, and other vital documents. 

Note: if you are not sure about the type of documents that can be affixed by using it, then you are advised to ask a professional about it.

2. Are the Common Seal and Company Seal the Same?

The common seal has more than one name. Some people call it the company seal or maybe corporate seal. Sometimes, people also define the common seal as the official signature of a company or organization.

3. What Is the Function of It?

As mentioned before, it is used as a symbol of official approval. Besides that, it can also be a symbol of authenticity because it is quite difficult to be forged and imitate. Also, the common seal is mandatory in several countries. So, if you do international business, you will probably need it!

4. How to Use It?

So, there are some rules that you must follow in using it. Actually, that is to make it legal. First, there must be two officers in applying the common seal. Both of the officers will be witnesses, and because of that, they should put their signature on the documents.

5. What Information Is Included on the Seal?

If you have seen the common seal, you probably know there is some information on it. So, here is a list of information!

  • Official Company Logo
  • Name of Company or Organization
  • Incorporated Year
  • The State Where It Is Filed
  • Registration Number

6. How to Get It?

You have to get your own common seal by yourself since it is mandatory for registering the corporation. You can go to a common seal or a company seal maker to get it. But, find only the trusted and specialist company seal maker to get a great result of the stamp!

7. What Is the Difference Between a Common Seal and a Company Stamp?

First, the looks of a seal and stamp are totally different. A seal is an embossed mark, but a stamp marks documents with ink and is not embossed. Also, the use of a company stamp is more flexible and less stringent than the common seal. You may know because it was mentioned before that the seal is only applied to certain documents.

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