Singapore Sticker Printing’s Advantages and Tips

by Tom Ward
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Consider Singapore sticker printing as a way to help you with the promotion of your business, brand, product, service, or even to help you with your campaign or any other cause in Singapore context. It is great because it is absolutely affordable and it can be effective.

To learn more about the advantages of using stickers as a marketing tool, read it here.

1. Versatile

Stickers are versatile, whether in terms of the design and printing options as well as methods of distribution. You can create stickers the way you like it as long as you can design it to be an effective sticker. With stickers, you are left with many different options of distribution. You can choose to directly hand it to the passerby, include it with a flyer or brochure, make it as a coupon, give it away as freebies upon purchase, send them along with business mails, and many others. As long as your method is not harmful and acceptable, you can do it with your sticker.

2. Quick useful information

Stickers are often small. It may sound like a disadvantage, but in actuality, as long as you know how to come up with a good copy, you will be able to deliver the most important message or key information within the small space. It makes an effective message delivery due to its straightforwardness. People will immediately get what you’re trying to say without having to be distracted or confused by other sentences or words. With a sticker, you can direct the focus of your reader straight to the point of your promotional message.

3. Impressive

Catch people’s attention with stickers and leave a strong impression upon them with thoroughly planned sticker designs. They may be tiny items, but they can truly stand out as long as they are designed in a good way. It can be truly attractive especially if put in the right place. For example, using a sticker to let people know of a discount.


Print Stickers Professionally

Let people who are experienced handle the production of your sticker. Even though it may seem like an easy thing to do it yourself, usually you don’t have the right equipment for a high quality sticker printing. Printing shops or services have more sophisticated equipment to produce high quality stickers in a large quantity within a short time. With their expertise, it is less liekly that they will make a mistake. If you try to do it on your own, especially if you are a first timer, there will b a lot of trial and error. Even after getting it right, you won’t be able to get a result that is as good as stickers that are produced by a professional printing service. So, avoid wasting your time and resources and simply hand in your design for the professionals to handle. In the end, you may save up more money because the larger the quantity you order, you will usually get a discount or lower price deal.

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