Types Of Jobs You Can Do As A Graphic Designer

by Ginger Chambers
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There are various jobs you can do as a graphic designer with many career opportunities. You can make visual concepts with your hand or with a computer software, to communicate ideas that tell, inspire and get attention of consumers. Today we have both offline and online businesses. Some of them need layouts while the like rest can require wire frames for your websites. Graphic designers make the following: 

  • Clip art & illustrations. 
  • Reports. 
  • Apparel & shirt designs. 
  • Presentations. 
  • Labels and product packaging. 
  • Posters, one-sheets, postcards, brochures, flyers in form of marketing materials. 
  • Visual identity like logos, brand guides, business cards and letter head. 
  • Newspapers, catalogs, magazines and books.  

Below are the jobs you can do as a graphic designer and they are below. 

Layout artist 

You can work as a graphic designer as a layout artist. A layout artist makes the layout of images and structure using text that functions in a suitable format for your printed media. Posters, CD booklets, book, flyers, brochures and magazine work. Layout artists make images in a way that directs your reader and pleases the eyes in the proper direction or flow.

Layout artist make sure that you choose a good typeface for reading for a pretty long time. Such artists can make photos on a way that is necessary, directing them in the proper direction or flow. Layout designers work on public relations firms, newspapers, magazines and agencies. There is much demand for freelance layout artists and in-house artists. 

Photoshop/Photo Editing Artist 

When checking out careers  you can pursue, photo-editing is not an exception. Photo-editing can give you a critical role for those interested. Photo-editing software lets users make digital photographs or image letting users colour-correct, crop and manipulate images. Photo editing softwares like Photoshop is among the best and most popular among engineers, interior designers, photo editors, photographers and graphic designers.

Each photo editor, or professional editor start from a beginner to a much experienced, that uses Photoshop to enhance and edit your project. Careers with Photoshop cuts through all the job openings as graphic designers. Such training courses tell people how they can use Photoshop, with its different techniques and tools.

You can study how to customise and manipulate images by training in Photoshop, and make compositions of many layers, high-resolution & design graphics, manage colours at the pixel level, and use photo CDs, printers and scanners. You can learn to slide slides and old photos, including how to repair photos damaged. Photoshop is a nice point when you interview job openings. 

Art/Creative Director 

Art/Creative Director lead a creative team that makes artworks, that you can display in magazines, internet, billboards and television. Some will see them as those that are advertising jobs since they work together with marketing. A creative team is made up of graphic designers, production staff, copywriters, photographers, artists and graphic designers. Art directors make sure that each team finish their work on time and to satisfaction of clients.

Even though the art director spends more of his time on administrative and supervisory work, advanced training in design is necessary since the artworks still handle the design and artwork themselves. There are employment opportunities for manufacturers, public relation firms, newspapers and magazines, and advertising agencies. Some of the graphic designers freelance or the rest form a graphic design firm. 

Flash Designer 

Flash is a program functioning with multimedia graphics that is meant for internet use. Flash is a tool for making animated and interactive website with raster and vector graphics that help you scale your graphics to a particular size, while maintaining the quality or charity. There is a variation of the job description from firm to firm. You can use the training courses to learn how to customise and make a lot of effects including audio, video, navigation animation and text. Flush is among the most widely used and popular methods for delivering a nice scoop of tools for web design. Getting certified as a Flash designer is the most efficient way to pursue a career in graphic design and make sure your clients are trained for this. 

Brand identity designer 

Another kind of job you can do as a graphic designer is brand identity designer. Brand identity is a more intricate thing than making logos. A brand identity tells you how you can see your firm, it stands for the image or visual firm. Integrate the elements. You can integrate the elements across promotions, media advertising, stationery and business cards. This communicates the brand message. 

Logo designer 

You can work as a logo designer too. A logo is a graph designed or sketched tool that displays shapes, designs and distinct colours standing for a service, agent, organisation etc. Companies spend funds implementing and updating logos to be creative and modern. A logo helps firms to represent their image. 

Web Designer 

Web design is another job you can do as graphic designer. They develop and design website structures, making decisions with regards to the navigation and content. It  is a field that requires skill in graphic design. They work in areas like ecommerce, multimedia design and web development etc. 

Multimedia designers 

Multimedia designers involve the use of design skills, sound and art to make animated images, audio and videos. They make sketches, drawings or models and design costumes, sets and pops, interpretation and technical production. It  is a job that involves some creativity and imagination. They work in audio, and film production, television and many other fields. They go through training and many hand-on practice. 

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