What Is Essential In A Good Logo Design

by Tom Ward
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Whether it is about the design of a website, the design of a logo, the design of an advertising banner, or an advertisement’s creation. A good logo design should meet the following eight criteria: 

1. The logo design must match your company 

Since the logo is part of your corporate design, it should reflect the corporate philosophy. It should be possible to assign your logo design to your industry, a product, or a service. Another critical question is: Does the font, if any, match the fonts used in the industry? 

2. Good logo design is simple and understandable 

The logo design should not arouse false associations. There are a variety of signs and symbols from different cultures that are afflicted with statements.  

Check your logo elements for symbolism. Do alleged statements agree with the desired statements? 

3. A logo should make a clear statement 

The logo as a message impresses with its simple, precise shapes in conjunction with the appropriate colors. Opaque structures, unclear elements, and many small details are instead the exception. Differentiated, playful colors and numerous gradients should also be avoided. The general rule; too playful logo makes it seems dubious. 

4. Logo design must be easy to remember 

Is the logo easy to remember even after a quick look? The logo needs a high recognition value. The motto here is: less is more. 

5. Good logo design is unique and original. 

A good logo must stand out from the crowd! Your logo design must by no means be a bad copy of an already existing successful brand.  

The logo should stand out from the competition. After all, you want to be perceived in your uniqueness. 

6. Good logo design is scalable 

The logo should be able to be enlarged as desired without losing its effect. You should have your logo design as a vector graphic file, such as EPS. It is also crucial that the logo is in vector format. 

7. Good Logo design is reproducible  

Can the logo be used in all areas of advertising and on a wide variety of advertising media? Logo design must apply to all media. It is one of the most critical components of your corporate design and can be found on your business card, letterhead, car, posters, flyers, etc. 

Make sure that you also have a black and white version of your logo design created. A good logo design also comes into its own in a black and white version. Your logo design should also be in standard colors, such as HKS, and not inexpensive unique colors to save printing costs. 

8. Good logo design is timeless 

A good logo usually accompanies its wearer for a lifetime. Maybe it will be modified a little from time to time.  

However, the basic structure usually remains. The long lifespan of a logo design also contributes significantly to the critical recognition value. On the way to an established brand, it is precisely the recognition value that counts.  

The logo should not be attributable to a currently fashionable appearance but should be usable over the long term. 

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