What to Watch Out for in Designing a Business Card

by Tom Ward
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The design of a business card is extremely important. But the creativity aspect of it is not the only thing that makes it great. There are other things that need to be paid attention to in designing a business card to make sure that it comes in the best output possible, the way you want it to be.

Before submitting your business card design for business card printing in Singapore in a printing shop, there are several things that you need to look out for and make sure of.

To find out what they are, read more below.

1. Bleeds

Many people don’t realize how important this is. Bleed is the border around the edges of your card that you have to make sure not used as a part of the design because this part will be cut off in the trimming process. However, it is important to leave some space in your design for this so that it will be easier in the trimming process. The design file must be exported to PDF before processing so that changes won’t occur and you will get a more accurate result. Check with the printing service and ask them how much is the size of bleed they require for the trimming process so that you can be prepared for it.

2. Text and graphics

The graphics and text of your business card are preferable in the middle of it. Don’t design it too much all the way to the sides, because not only that it won’t be easy or pleasant to be seen, it will also increase the risk of the text or graphics to get trimmed off during card cutting. Keep your text and graphics away from the edges, and you should be fine.

3. Resolution

This aspect is sometimes forgotten. People don’t bother to use high quality images that will only result in an awful output where the image will be stretched too much and pixelated. To avoid this, you can try zooming to 600% and make sure that the image is not stretched. Always design with 300 dpi images and graphics for the design of a business card. It may be small in output, but the images must be large enough to produce a sharp and crisp outcome for a high quality business card.

4. Colors

Be informed that there are two sets of color types that are commonly used for design, which are the CMYK colors and the RGB colors. The RGB color combinations use the red, green, and blue to produce colors that are usually displayed on your monitor. Meanwhile, CMYK color, which is more commonly used by the printers, uses the combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Make sure that you design in your CMYK color on the display of your monitor, so that there won’t be differences when the card comes out of the printing machine. If you don’t, there will be differences in the colors that are displayed on your screen and on the actual result from the printer.

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